2016 - 2021

Opus magnum of my artistic career so far. It is constantly in the process of creation, and to this day contains dozens of works. It all started with an unfortunate event, when a wild doe suffocated in the fence of my garden. I put green paint on her, threw her corpse on a canvas, and behold, a controversy was born! The level of hate I encountered honestly surprised me. How dare I do something like that, they said. And I thought to myself, you people still have venison stew between your teeth, and yet manage to lecture me?

As a result, it led me to question what human morality is based on. To what extent does logic play a role in it, and to what extent is what bothers us or not, determined by what we are or not familiar with?

Long story short, since then, I’ve been searching for animals that have died without human intent and I´ve been doing various things with them. In the early days I made mainly paintings – I printed the bodies of these animals on a canvas or spray-painted their outlines. Later, various photographs and videos were made, and currently I am also working with my friend Jakub Eremiáš on an animated series “The Little Mole returns”.

Fish, acrylics on cardboard, 35×100 cm, 2016

Mice, acrylics on cardboard, 12×12 cm, 2016

Doe, spray paint acrylics on cardboard, 2×70x100 cm, 2016

Fox, photos, 2018

Sheep, photos 2018

Sheep, video, 34s, 2018

Video with a marten from the process of work, 2020

Marten, ink and acrylics on canvas on hardboard, 25×100 cm, 2020

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