Welcome to my website, which has a very simple purpose. To provide an answer for everyone who asks the question, ”So, what do you paint?”. This information is accessible to anyone who can read, and even for those who are illiterate. Therefore, I believe in many successfully terminated discussions about me, which I do not handle well, as I find them rather overwhelming.

Those who will browse my website carefully, will probably discover several things. Firstly, most of my paintings do not carry a title. I try not to limit the viewer with my interpretation of a specific work, and also I believe a painting should be able to make sense without a creative name.

Another thing that you will probably notice is a certain diversity in my work. I often do not stick to a particular style or approach within one series. I am only just learning how to think practically, and keep in mind how my work will look not only individually, but also side by side in a gallery, for example. Experimenting brings me great joy and I openly admit I am still on the journey of finding my distinctive style (even though certain clues are already emerging). At this stage of my artistic development, however, I consider it natural.

With that in mind, a website that shows a cross-section of my work has perhaps been made prematurely. On the other hand, my capacity for the number of times I could say “No, I don’t have an Instagram”, “No, I don’t have a Facebook” and ”No, there isn’t a place where you can check out what I do” was exhausted sometime last year and it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt.

With love,
your Bára
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